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Amigurumi Globetrotters: Take a Trip through Amigurumi Land!

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Welcome to the extraordinary world of amigurumi!

This new book will take you on a crochet journey you’ll never forget, and introduces 15 animal travel buddies who’ll accompany you every step of the way. A curious monkey taking pictures with his camera, a polar bear getting a tan on the beach, a cat heading to the World Hula Hoop Championships, an elephant collecting seeds from all over the world or a book-loving bunny travelling to the far-away worlds of his imagination … This book presents 15 easy and fully customizable crochet patterns for the most adorable and adventurous globetrotters, who all discover the world in their own way.

The book covers a variety of skill levels, from beginner-friendly to suitable for advanced crocheters, and maps out all techniques and stitches used. So please put your yarn and crochet tools on the table in front of you and take a comfortable seat, you’ll be departing on your next amigurumi adventure in a second!


Ilaria loves beautiful yarns, each ball inspires her to design a new project for little ones and grown-ups. Amigurumi are her greatest love, and she likes to design personal softies that combine interesting constructions and the joy of making. Since 2010 she shares what she does on her blog, a little wonderland where anyone can find inspiration. Following the huge success of her book ‘Amigurumi Winter Wonderland’, Ilaria created more adorable critters to crochet in this highly anticipated second book.

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Ilość stron: 112
Autor: Ilaria Caliri
ISBN: 9789491643163
Publikacja: 2017

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